Sustainability in Food

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12 May 2011 | 07:30


New Scientist is a fantastic magazine. Recently they pulled together two data sets on sustainability; one of Trucost, that tries to assess the environmental impact of companies by calculating the %-impact of environmental damage on the turnover of a firm; plotted against a data set of Earth Sense that gives a ranking of the environmental scores consumers give to companies they know.
Three findings stand out:

  • The cost of environmental impact of certain companies is very high, and the risk changing regulation implies for these companies is immense
  • There is no strong correlation between consumer views and the expert view (I do not want to call it  ‘reality’ yet, since Trucost cannot fully assess the whole spectrum yet)
  • The food sector is by far the sector with highest impacts.

Trucost here models in a very sophisticated way, something we as a company found out a couple of years ago. We then decided to build up specific knowledge of the sustainability of the food supply chain and are now advising several food companies on how to improve the sustainability of their supply chains.
Have a look at the data, it’s intruiging.

Ebel Kemeling.